Flavour Boosters

We went shopping to find some chemical-free seasonings to give your cooking a kick.

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BRAGG Organic Sprinkle
This 50-year-old favourite has 24 herbs and spices, including raw apple cider vinegar and organic olive oil. It’s certified organic, gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Use it to season roasted vegies, toss it through a dish of pasta or add it to omelettes, salads or grainy toast. $7.29,

Lotus Organic Brown Rice Syrup
A teaspoon of Lotus Brown Rice Syrup in your morning coffee is a great way to start your day. It has a mild yet rich taste and can be used as a substitute for sugar and honey in many dishes. It’s certified organic, GM free and has no dairy or soy. A cup of syrup instead of sugar in a cheesecake makes a fructose-free treat. $8.49 (500 g),

Nutritional yeast
Vegans use nutritional yeast as a cheese replacement but it is also a fantastic flavour booster and is a rich source of Vitamin B, protein and zinc. Lotus Savoury Yeast Flakes are gluten-free, have no genetically modified (GM) ingredients and no added preservatives, MSG or sugars. $18.95 (500 g), http://www.organicbuyersgroup.com.au

Spiral Organic Tamari Sauce
Tamari is wheat free and traditionally used as a cooking and dipping sauce. It’s rich in amino acids and high in protein. Spiral Foods’ tasty Organic Tamari is naturally fermented from organic whole soybeans and has a stronger flavour and aroma than soy – or shoyu - sauce. $8 (250 ml),

Organic Mellow Barley Miso
Versatile miso has been used in Asian cooking for at least
2,500 years and it’s not just for soups. When used as a seasoning it can add a flavour kick to many dishes. This unpasteurised miso is made in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. Ingredients include organic barley, organic whole soya beans, natural sea salt, apspergillus orgyzae (koji starter) and water. $10.65 for 300g,