Climate Change Forum in the Lead Up to Paris COP21 Summit

The Alliance Française de Sydney will host a forum on June 22 to discuss the importance of the Paris COP21 Summit which is being held in November/December this year.

Following on from European Climate Diplomacy Day which is being held across Australia on June 17, the Alliance Française de Sydney will host a forum on June 22 to discuss the importance of the Paris COP21 Summit which is being held in November/December this year.

The European Union member states are banding together to promote awareness of the urgent need for action to limit carbon at this UN summit which follows on from earlier summits held in different parts of the globe. The 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), or COP21, will bring together around 40,000 participants including delegates representing all countries.

It will be the largest diplomatic event ever hosted by France and one of the largest climate conferences ever organised. The stakes are high as the aim is to reach, for the first time, a universal, legally-binding agreement that will enable the world to combat climate change effectively and boost the transition towards resilient, low-carbon societies and economies.

The key objective of the summit is to look at mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming to below 2°C and in addition, to look at society’s adaptation to existing climate changes. The agreement will enter into force in 2020 and will need to be sustainable to enable long-term change.

The French Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Christophe Lecourtier will speak at the event on June 22. "We call upon all countries to set ambitious carbon targets in the months before this crucial meeting in Paris," Ambassador Lecourtier said.

He will be joined by a top line-up of other speakers including 2007 Australian of the Year, internationally-acclaimed scientist and conservationist, Professor Tim Flannery who will outline what is at stake in Paris as the world grapples with efforts to limit human-caused climate change. He will look at the impacts on Australian biodiversity and agriculture amongst other issues which will be covered.

"Australia is already experiencing the impacts of climate change through longer and hotter heatwaves and more intense bushfires. As one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, Australia must join the rest of the world in accelerating action to protect us from the consequences of a changing climate, sea level rise and more frequent and intense extreme weather,” Flannery said.

Flannery will be joined by two other speakers who will talk about the actions that they, as private citizens, are taking. Through his work at, medical doctor and renowned filmmaker John Collee will provide us with his insights as will Sebastien Guyot from Protect Our Playground. Sebastien will outline their plans for participating in the Sydney to Hobart race to raise awareness of the need to protect our oceans which are suffering from the effects of climate change.

The event will be chaired by well-known actress and television identity Nell Schofield.

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