The top five ways to go green and get fit

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Be green, keen and lean!

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It goes without saying that going green does wonders for the environment - but it can also mean great news for your bod.

In fact, it's quite simple to burn energy instead of electricity: just follow these easy tips, and in 12 months you could see a huge difference in both your body and your bills.

Lose up to 16 kg!

1. Cook from scratch

There's a huge amount of embodied energy to be found in pre-processed foods, and what's more, they typically come with single-use packaging, nasty additives and a higher price tag than fresh food.

(Did you know, for example, that a 200 g bag of potato chips will cost you around six times the price of a fresh 200 g potato?)

Cook from scratch and you'll cut out the environmental costs of manufacturing processed foods while saving money and feeding yourself healthier, more nutritious meals.

Moreover, cooking will help you churn through some of your own energy - just 20 minutes of food preparation will burn around 240 kilojoules, which is a fair bit more than the five kilojoules it takes to sit by the microwave for 60 seconds!

Twenty minutes of cooking, six days a week: LOSE 2 KG in 12 months!

2. Swap peak hour for pedals

Pollution, traffic jams, road rage ... peak hour can be enough to make you want to quit your job.

Factor in the results of a recent Sydney experiment, which proved that it takes longer to drive into the city during peak hour than it does to cycle in, and swapping your steering wheel for two wheels makes perfect sense.

Best of all, not even the most fuel-efficient car can beat the humble bike's zero carbon emissions - and with 880 kilojoules burnt every half hour, your light bike ride to work will burn off around four and a half times what you'd use getting to work via car.

Half an hour's ride to work and back, five days a week: LOSE 8 KG in 12 months!

3. Grow a vegie patch

Why worry about food miles when you can grow your very own vegies out the back?

Starting a vegie patch not only cuts out farm-to-fork emissions, but removes the need for the artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides responsible for a considerable amount of greenhouse gas; leaving you with the nutrient-filled goodness of pure, organic produce.

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