Op-shop like a pro

Green Lifestyle

Make the most of charity stores with our 5 tips on how to find great ‘new’ clothes.


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Tip 1. The ‘rich’ stores:
Many people think that in order to score a quality piece of second-hand clothing, they have to trawl the thrift stores of wealthy suburbs. This is great in theory (and in practice, if you get lucky!), though it’s highly competitive and can lead to mark-ups in price. If you choose to visit these stores, get in early.

Tip 2. Shop regional:
Stores outside of main cities often have a great mix of brands and quality items. As these stores are far less likely to be descended upon by those looking to score a trendy ‘new’ wardrobe or fill a fancy vintage store, the range of clothes available can be far more expansive and they are generally less expensive.

Tip 3. Try it on:
Trying things on will help you gauge whether or not you’re comfortable in the clothes, and save you a heap of money in the long term (particularly for the buy-and-hope-for-the-best types).

Tip 4. Be adventurous:
Op-shopping is the perfect excuse to play dress-ups. Who knows, you might even fall in love with an outfit which would have otherwise remained undiscovered! At worst, it’s a ball of fun. Not ideal for the time-poor though, of course.

Tip 5. The right mentality:
Forget the retail giants and fashion dictators, and have fun discovering clothes which are cheap, unique and recycled. The best part? Proceeds from sales go straight back to the community.