DIY watercolour paint

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A simple, fun project to keep the young ones entertained these school holidays.


Top tip: The more food colouring you add, the stronger your colours will be when painting.

Credit: Louise Lister

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Give your, or your kids’, creativity a spin with these non-toxic, completely safe (so safe they’re edible) homemade watercolours!

You’ll need:

½ cup bicarb soda
¼ cup cornstarch
¼ cup white vinegar
1 teaspoon sugar syrup
Natural food colouring
Ice cube tray or small paint tray

How to:

1. Mix all ingredients together in a container or bowl.

2. Stir immediately with a fork to combine as the mixture thickens.

3. Pour small amounts into the ice cube tray or paint tray, about a tablespoon or two into each.

4. Drop several drops of food colouring into each one, mixing colours until you have a good selection of different hues. Stir each one until completely mixed.

5. You can use the colours immediately while wet, or also leave them to dry and use them later by adding some water to the top with a paintbrush.