Five minutes with Natalie Pa’apa’a of Blue King Brown


Natalie Pa’apa’a is the lead singer of urban roots band Blue King Brown, who will play at the 2009 Peats Ridge Sustainable Arts and Music Festival.

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What's your environmental message to your listeners?

It is all of us who make this world and environment what it is today, tomorrow and every day that follows. It is not only necessary but vital that we all accept ourselves as the creators and carvers of our future. So green up your mind, and your approach to living in these times on Earth.

Educate yourself and your community on being environment-friendly on all levels and holding that as a normal standard. But more importantly, use your voices and resources to help push your government towards real leadership on environmental issues like climate change. Don't just do it for future generations, it's important to do it for ourselves and our collective human dignity! 

What's the single biggest eco issue you care about the most?

We [Blue King Brown] are big advocates of leaving uranium in the ground. We understand how environmentally dangerous and ethically wrong it is to dig it up from the Earth for whatever purpose, including nuclear energy and nuclear weaponry.

We are aware of exploration companies exploring for uranium in close proximity to remote NT communities, and have recently been made aware of one company going into it's second phase of uranium exploration, which means bringing it up to the surface. This is happening near the community we teach music at every term of the school year, so it is an issue that's close to our hearts like the people themselves, who would have to withstand the long-term impacts of having uranium mined in their region.

Furthermore, the climate conference in Copenhagen in December this year must be the place that we as a race put our visions forward and insist that those writing the policies are not only hearing us but listening with intent and whole hearted acknowledgment of their duty to represent us.

I was recently a part of an incredible event organised by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) and World Vision where they held a nation wide vote on the climate policy the youth of Australia want Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong to take to the climate summit in Copenhagen.

We held a free concert in the middle of Melbourne and encouraged all to have their say by voting, and they did. The overwhelming majority of some 37,432 youth voters want to see at least 40 per cent emissions reduction below 1990 levels by 2020! That is a solid representation of not just Australian youth, but the feeling of youth and people worldwide right now... [See G's news story on this here.]

For more information on Blue King Brown, check out www.myspace.com/bluekingbrown.

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