Rebate guide for renters


Help green your rental property with these handy rebates


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A lease needn't be a green leash! There are plenty of practical and landlord-friendly eco-living solutions renters can put into practice, from simple changes like switching to energy- and water-efficient fittings and doing a bit of DIY draught-sealing, to bigger changes made to the property with the landlord's permission.

To help eco-keen tenants and their landlords make these changes, there are a range of government rebates available. Check them out below:


Up to $1,000 in rebates for solar hot water systems (from 19 Feb, 2010) and ceiling insulation (from June 1, 2010) will be available under the Renewable Energy Bonus Scheme. As long as you have written permission, your landlord needn't even be involved in the technical side of things. Access can be difficult as the requirements are strict - but organisations like Home Green and Pink Batts are happy to help you through.
For more information see the Federal Government's Energy Efficient Homes Package website.

Australian Capital Territory

A detailed energy audit of homes built in the ACT before 1996 is available from the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) at a cost of $30. The ACT Government offers a $500 rebate for expenditure of $2,000 or more on the priority recommendations in your HEAT Energy Audit report. For those claiming the rebate, the $30 audit fee is also refunded. Tenants must have the landlord's signature on the rebate application form. The ToiletSmart program provides a $100 rebate for the replacement of a single-flush toilet with a dual-flush one.
See the ACT Government's ACTSmart for Your Household website.

New South Wales

The NSW Government offers a range of rebates for upgrading fittings like fridges, toilets, washing machines and water heaters. Tenants are welcome to apply as long as they have written permission from their landlord. See www.environment.nsw.gov.au

Northern Territory

The Territory is light on rebates for big-ticket items, but instead offers its Energy Smart Rebate for small-scale solutions like power boards, power usage meters and fridge and freezer seals. You probably already have most of these installed, but the 50 per cent rebate of up to $200 is a great incentive for friends or neighbours! Just make sure they keep their receipts.

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