Q&A: Sasy n Savy

Samea Maakrun followed her passion for all-natural beauty products using Australian plants, founding a new vegan skincare company, Sasy n Savy.

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What’s the inspiration behind the name of your brand, Sasy n Savy?
Eighteen years ago I saw a gap in the Australian market. For seven years I mentored women in business for the Department of State and Regional development. Within these years I came across so many females burnt out and suffering all sorts of issues. They couldn’t afford to go get a pamper to make them feel better. So that's when the concept evolved. Back then the Australian market was full of high-end European brands and cheaper ones from Asia – there was very little Australian made and owned skincare.

Why was formulating an all-natural product from Australian plants, herbs and flower extracts important to you?
Eighteen years ago it was unique. In Australia, we have over 12 millions hectares of Australian farm land and approx 1,100 farmers, so we can source the best ingredients in the world.

Why was formulating a product without animal testing important to you?
We wouldn’t have it any other way. Humans provide feedback, animals don’t!

There are four key ingredients in your products; how long did it take you to find a focus on these four main ones?
It took me three years full time to determine what was going to provide functional results at an affordable price.

What makes your new Apothecary Showroom in Roseby, Sydney, so special to you?
Shopping in a garden concept that taps on all your senses whilst seeing the products you want to buy be made. You also receive personal one-on-one service.

Your products also come in smaller travel sizes. What’s your number one beauty travel tip for people travelling locally, within Australia?
Always have a small bottle of SPF cream in your bag and use it on the plane, or while you are travelling, to keep your skin hydrated, protected, firm and toned.

Tell us about your favourite travel destination within Australia.
The Blue Mountains – thriving with flora and fauna, there are so many hidden secrets there in the form of walks, activities, restaurants and places to stay.

Check out Samea's website, and if you're in Sydney, visit her Apothecary Showroom for her expert, on-on-one advice.