Upcycled DIY Gift Bow

Use ‘waste’ paper, repurposed plastic, or even fabric offcuts to create a unique, home made bow to adorn your next gift.


Credit: Styling & Photo by Gail Kendrick

step 1

For step 1, we used a back issue of Green Lifestyle magazine.

Credit: Gail Kendrick

step 2

In step 2, create a twisted figure eight loop and glue, tape or staple loop in the centre, until you have eight twisted strips.

Credit: Gail Kendrick

steps 4 & 5

Steps 4 & 5 assemble the bow in layers, starting with the longest layers.

Credit: Gail Kendrick

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This really simple, gorgeous green decoration will make the wrapping as memorable as your present!

Click through the arrows on the image to the right for step-by-step visual instructions.

You’ll need:

– Clean paper, material or packaging
– Pen for outlining
– Scissors
– Stapler, craft glue or sticky tape
– Template guide (see right) and ruler

How to:

Step 1. Outline, then cut, nine strips from the paper or material, with the following dimensions: 25 x 2 cm (three pieces), 21x 2 cm (three pieces), 10 x 2 cm (two pieces) and 5 x 2 cm (one piece).

Step 2. Create a twisted figure eight loop with the 25 cm strip of paper. Glue, tape or staple loop in the centre. Continue with each separate strip of paper until you have eight of the longest strips twisted and fastened.

Step 3. Take the shortest, last strip of paper and make a loop and fasten with glue, tape or staple (for the centre).

Step 4. Layer the three longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with glue.

Step 5. Add the next two groups of pieces, doing the same, (one group of three and one of two).

Step 6. Finally, stick, glue or staple the loop in the centre.

Step 7. Wrap your package in another upcycled type of material or paper. Add your bow to the top and that’s a wrap!