Mineral Make-Up

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What you put in is what you get out holds true for makeup – the right product can be the difference between nourishing or damaging your skin as proven by a growing number of studies.

Mineral Make-up

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If the makeup you use everyday for some extra confidence in your skin was actually damaging your skin’s appearance over time, would you still use it?

Changing your habits and re-evaluating your budget are surely worth it for a product that could improve your skin while reducing side effects on your health and the environment. Not wearing makeup might be the best option, but if you’re anything like me that’s not going to happen! So what are the better options?

Any product can say it’s ‘mineral’ but as Luci Scarman, the creator of ECOMinerals says, “take the time to question the ingredients: are they there for the benefit of your skin - or for the profit margin of the brand?”

Nanoparticles are just one of many confusing ingredients currently in question. The term simply means any chemical particle that has been reduced to a really tiny size, at which they can deliver nutrients and appearance benefits into deeper layers of the skin. As you can imagine, toxins can also use the same pathway.

It’s not just the size that matters but also which chemical is used, as they can go from safe to toxic when altered. For example, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are major ingredients in foundation and have little known effects in their natural state. Reduced to nanoparticles there are reports that they can “induce free radical damage to living cells”. True mineral makeup should not contain nanoparticles but they are a growing technology in non-mineral products.

Another report
concludes; “The cosmetic industry’s willingness to use novel nanoparticles in its products while adverse health effects remain so poorly understood has raised concern among the scientific community.” Dermatologists and skincare specialists encourage mineral wear for sensitive skin to reduce the chance of irritation. The titanium dioxide or mica formulations in mineral products also reflect sunrays, providing some extra protection from a major cause of aging .

There are also wider environmental benefits from choosing mineral brands, such as reduced packaging and processing. Many offer refills and they contain organic, plant-derived ingredients that require less intensive resource mining.

Healthier mineral brands:

This is one of the best make-ups we’ve tried. You can achieve a completely natural look with this certified vegan, nanoparticle-free mineral powder with refills and lots of colours available. It’s one of the few mineral brands that has refills for their durable sifter jars, and the products are shipped to you in entirely recycled and biodegradable packaging. The ingredients are guaranteed free from nano particles to boot. Don’t forget to make use of their samples and colour match guarantee. ECOMinerals Perfection Foundation, $33, www.ecominerals.com.au

Recommended by dermatologists, Inika’s vegan brushes and makeup contain fewer ingredients in recyclable packaging. Inika Certified Organic Pure Primer, $60, www.inika.com.au

La Mav:
For an all-in-one concealer, foundation, sunscreen and powder that nourishes with Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil instead of fillers and talc, try La Mav Anti-Ageing Mineral Foundation SPF15, $34.95, www.lamav.com

Jane Iredale:
Care for your skin no matter your sensitivity with toxin-free sun protection made from renewable and ethically-sourced ingredients. For something special try the versatile Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust, $22.95, www.janeiredale.com

Safe for sensitive skin, Adorn offers a large range of 100% vegan, organic and refillable makeup. Try the two tone Adorn Cover Correction Mineral & Organic Concealer, $55, www.adorncosmetics.com.au

Don’t forget that you’ll need good tools to apply your great mineral make-up with. These are professional beauty tools made from synthetic, vegan hair that rivals the durability and application power of natural hair tools. IHANA Macaron Tutti Frutti 17pc Vegan Brush Set, $109.95, www.ihana.com.au

Long-lasting and clinically proven to promote clear skin, bareMinerals provides full coverage without caking or drying out skin. Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit, $89, www.bareescentuals.com

Eminence complements their spa range for individual skin types with makeup handmade in Hungary using organic antioxidants, vitamins, and no parabens, sulphates or petroleum oil. Antioxidant Mineral Foundation in two shades, $58, www.eminenceorganics.com.au