Trendy homewares with minimal impact

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It can be tough to find affordable items that have minimal impact on the environment. We've found a creative family – Mulbury – who handcraft fun pieces that are recycled, reclaimed, reborn, and made for practical, sustainable homes.

some of the frames made by the team at Mulbury on display in their Fitzroy store

Mulbury make beautiful timber frames out of recycled wood. There are ready-made styles available in store or online, or they can make custom frames to suit you.

A cool shipping light that Mulbury have recycled and brought back to life as a cool feature item for your house.

These old shipping lights have been brought back to life as functional, trendy, industrial-style lamps. Scattering quirky pieces of furniture and accessories with a unique history like these throughout your home can create a fun atmosphere to live in.

Credit: Ryan Melder

one of the many frames made by Mulbury

Being made from recycled timber, each Mulbury frame is unique. They do this gorgeous 'two-toned' range where the frames are finished with a splash of colour to make them even a little more individual.

Credit: Ryan Melder

Unique art; Mulbury have a range of Cuban movie posters that are a fun piece of art in any space.

Unique art; Mulbury have a range of Cuban movie posters that are a fun piece of art in any space. Being avid travelers and collectors, the team have an eclectic and constantly changing range of recycled, reclaimed and reborn art and homewares for sale.

Credit: Ryan Melder

some of the industrial lights available at Mulbury

Check out these cool industrial lamp shades. Again they are all recycled or reborn, making each one unique and full of character.

recycled hessian sacks into cushion covers

A recycled hessian sack repurposed into a cushion cover makes a cool item to make your space feel fun and unique.

Credit: Ryan Melder

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With the aim of combining a creative and fun aesthetic with practicality and a commitment to sustainability, we reckon the team at Mulbury are pretty inspiring.

They produce custom built frames for photos, art, medals, cricket bats, coat racks, and more – pretty much anything that you can make out of recycled and reclaimed timber to decorate your home.

“Dad started the company about 20 years ago,” explains Aaron Melder.

"He wanted to get into something eco-friendly... He was a builder and saw a lot of timber getting thrown out so thought 'why not make pictures frames out of the left-overs?', and it grew from there,” he says.

One of the things we think we love most about Mulbury (other than the amazing handiwork) is that it really is a family run company. There's nine staff members; father Gerry, mother Val, brothers Ryan and Aaron, Aaron’s wife, and a couple of friends too.

“No one really has a specific role here,” Aaron explains. “Everyone just does what needs to be done.”

Their website states that they are, dedicated to ‘leaving this planet better than we found it’.

“We use recycled materials as often as possible. Our timber picture frames are made from 100 per cent recycled local timbers of Eucalyptus trees such as Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak. Our metal, canvas and leather is also recycled as much as possible.”

Not only creating beautiful timber frames, Mulbury is home to a collection of other stylish bits and pieces, ranging from industrial-inspired lighting, to handmade tables, and a wide variety of cool pre-loved items picked from all over the world.

The products that are for sale are full of colour and character, they are all practical items, and the team aims to collect pieces with an on going commitment to sustainable furniture.

With an affordable price point and the option of shipping all over Australia and internationally, we're finding it hard to find a reason why we shouldn't display our family photos in these super cool, eco-friendly frames... on top of an eclectic set of their draws, next to a repurposed ship light... Hmm, yup, we could deck out our entire house with this stuff.

If you're in Melbourne, there's two stores you can check out; one at 26 Advantage Road, Highett, the other at 65 Smith Street, Fitzroy. You can also buy their wares online and get them shipped to your door.

But that repurposed ship light's got my name on it.