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Trouble sleeping? This world first 100% certified-organic latex and carbon neutral pillow could help you sleep better – and we've even got a special ‘15% off’ discount code you can use!

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We've all been there – a sore crick in the neck or back all day from sleeping in a bad position at night. If you've got a really poorly-fitting pillow and mattress, then you might have even grown accustomed to just having back and neck pain all the time.

There're all kinds of products on the market that promise to deliver a good night’s sleep, but did you know that most of these are made from non-biodegradable materials and harmful petrochemicals? Memory foam is loaded with harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Luckily, there are better alternatives for you to sleep on.

Ethically made from trees
Natural latex is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and dust-mite proof. Sleeping on a fully-customised natural latex pillow can support pressure points by providing your neck, shoulders, hips, and knees with the proper support they need – without the nasties.

Latex – a type of rubber – comes from trees, and it's worth noting that it isn't always grown and harvested ethically. However, with 100 per cent organic certification, it is a truly green approach – the certification mandates no chemicals in the production, but also sustainable forest management, so now it's just a matter of making sure you get the right fit.

Dr Andrew Macfarlane is a Sydney-based osteopath and chiropractor, who has researched his patient’s sleep habits for over 30 years, and has since created a customisable, world-first Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) 100 per cent organic certified latex pillow that is also carbon neutral, the Sleep Made-to-Measure brand.

Macfarlane has created a unique online measuring system where you can create your own made-to-measure pillow that contours to your neck, head, and body – that he guarantees for a perfect night's sleep.

"Although we all know the benefits of a good night's sleep so few of us seem to regularly enjoy it," says Macfarlane.

"You would not think of wearing a pair of shoes that were too big or too small for you, so why do it with a pillow or bed?"

Macfarlane developed a Neck Compression Index rating to accurately measure the amount of pressure and weight you apply to your pillow while sleeping.

"Any pillow that does not match your build can cause your neck and shoulder muscles to over-contract, which is often the reason for tossing and turning during the night – to relieve the pressure. This disrupts your sleep, making you tired and sore each morning."

"All of my Sleep-Made-To-Measure products are made from a world first 100 per cent certified organic latex, which is not only free of the harmful chemicals in most other pillows, it has optimal ventilation and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial."

"The anti-fungal qualities of the open honeycomb structure also make the pillow ideal for sufferers of dust-mite allergies."

“Any foam pillow or mattress or playmat is made with a by product of petrol. Then, it's sprayed with fire retardant, antibacterial and anti fungal preventatives. We then breathe these in for six hours a night or longer, night after night.

“And we wonder why both our children and ourselves are developing an ever increasing range of health issues that we cannot explain,” says Dr Macfarlane.

Of course, the products are world firsts for ethical production. “My partners in Sri Lanka decided to go with 100 per cent organic certification because it is truly a green approach and to have an organic plantation you have to have good forest management. Also, what is the point of continuing to pollute the planet to make a product that is green, but not green in its production? We are the world's first carbon neutral manufacturer of Latex.”

The Sleep-Made-to-Measure pillows, baby play mats, cot mattresses and allergy barriers have the usual life-span of other conventional pillows (there's a 12-month warranty), and once they reach their use-by-date, they're safely, fully compostable.

Other types of natural materials can also be safe, sustainable options to use for bedding, but just make sure you get the right fit for you. For more tips and information on making sure your bedroom is the best it can be, check out our feature, Is your bedroom killing you softly?

Special offer for Green Lifestyle readers

Dr Andrew Macfarlane is generously offering Green Lifestyle readers a 15% discount on his Sleep-Made-To-Measure products by using the code 'Green15' until the 31st of December, 2014.

**Editor's note: We'd like to notify our readers that this piece was originally published with the incorrect information that the Sleep-Made-To-Measure products are Forestry Stewardship Council certified, when in fact, they are GOLS-certified organic, which does require responsible forest management practices in addition to avoiding all use of harmful chemicals.