Preparing for Hot Days

Green Lifestyle

Summer has arrived! Help your garden to thrive through the hottest days with these tips.


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– Water in the cool of the morning if possible, so your plants have the water when they need it most rather than sitting moist overnight. If you forget to water in the morning, watering in the evening will reduce evaporation; helping you make the most every drop. You may need to water twice on the hottest days, morning and evening.

– Apply water to the soil around plants rather than to the leaves, from which the water can easily evaporate and cause leaf burn on very hot, sunny days.

– One word: mulch. Now is the time to make sure all your plants have a good layer of mulch. You can get free mulch from your local aborists, just call them to find out if they have a minimum load, and work out if you need to share some mulch with friends or neighbours first. You might also like to consider a living mulch, like pumpkins, strawberries, or white clover.

– If a heatwave is predicted, take down your hanging pots, water them and group them together somewhere cool so they’re not as vulnerable to drying winds.

– Don’t forget your trees when you’re watering during the hottest stretches of summer. Give them a generous amount of water around the root area.

– If you have a large enough outdoor garden, you might like to consider a scaled-down version of a swale to help manage water run off and increase rainwater infiltration. You can easily create a swale that doubles as a garden path and reduces the need for regular watering. See an example of how to do this on a small scale here.