Cute baby animals threatended with extinction

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Look into the eyes of these baby animals and you'll remember just why it's so important to look after our beautiful, precious planet.

Yellow-Breasted Capuchin

There are thought to be just 300 Yellow-Breasted Capuchins left in the wild, so the arrival of Ted (above) is cause for excitement. Credit: Dudley Zoological Gardens

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) says that species extinctions are continuing at up to 1,000 times higher the natural rate every day.

Of the 59,507 species that the IUCN has assessed, 19,265 are threatened with extinction – and that doesn't include those that are already extinct in the wild.

Since 2000, 6 million hectares of primary forest have been lost each year, and 35% of mangroves have been lost in just 20 years.

While not everyone agrees with keeping animals in zoos, they can serve an important conservation role as breeding programs for endangered and threatened animals. This gives them a fighting chance when it seems everything is against them.

For those animals that are at risk of extinction, any new arrival is always cause for excitement.

We've scoured the globe for some of the newest, most adorable baby mammals, reptiles, and birds that you've ever laid eyes on.

***Put everything you’re doing off for the next few minutes because you won’t be able to resist the cute overload that is coming...

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