3 of the best cleaning tools

Give your house a regular makeover by avoiding the harsh chemicals to brush, wipe and scrub your way to a naturally cleaner home.

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Import Ants
Handmade in Sri Lanka under fair trade conditions,
the Eco Max Dust Brush is sourced from completely biodegradable products. The Rubberwood handles are made from the waste timber from rubber plantations at the end of their productive life, and the coconut-husk bristles are unbleached. The handles and aluminium tray are treated
with borax to help keep this long-lasting product clean.
$8.50, www.importants.com.au
Full Circle
These new walnut scrubber sponges are made from –
you guessed it – walnut shells! The sponge side is useful
for wiping away grime and is made from plant-based cellulose. Completely biodegradable, this multi-purpose sponge is effective on even the toughest jobs, but won’t scratch non-stick cookware. $4.99 (pack of two),
Nature Direct
The sleek Tough Guy Cloth is made from durable 80 per cent polyester and 20 per cent polyamide. While these aren’t natural materials, this reusable cloth is an affordable solution to using chemical-laden cleaning products – even for hotplates, ovens and barbeques. Polyester is lyophilic, meaning it’s great at attracting and holding grease and oil. Polyamide is hydrophilic so it attracts and holds onto dirt, which is soluble in water. $16.50, www.naturedirect.com.au