Make your own: Painted jars

Rather than dropping them into the recycling bin, put those glass jars to good use as these painted vessels for storage or decoration.

Credit: Louise Lister

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What you’ll need
A variety of jars (with lids)
Water-based paints

How to
1. Wash the jars in warm soapy water and leave to dry completely.

2. For each jar, pour a small amount of your chosen colour paint inside the jar – the amount used will depend on the size of your jar. For a standard pasta sauce-sized jar we used about a tablespoon of paint.
If you’re not sure, best to start with less paint than more, as you can add more as you go.

3. Put the lid of the jar on and swirl the paint around the inside of the jar ensuring it coats all the inside surface.

4. Remove the lid and leave upside down on a few sheets of paper to dry. Check intermittently for paint pooling around the rim and move to a new dry spot. You may need to do this a few times in the first hour
of drying.

5. Once dry, you can scrape around the rim with your fingernail to tidy up any uneven paint lines.

6. Display your jars! You may choose to fill them with items such as dried branches or flowers, just be careful not to scratch the painted interior.