What are can crushers and how they can improve aluminium recycling at home


Make the compression process of aluminum cans more efficient

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Have you ever bruised your hands or feet while crushing an aluminum drink can? Do you usually drink soda, beer or other beverages from aluminum cans? Then chances are you already know what a can crusher is. If not, I will try to explain it for you in this article.

What are can crushers?

Practically all of us at least once in our life have drank from an aluminum can. What happens after the drink is empty? We throw it in the trash. One can might not take that much space in trash, but if we throw couples tens of these cans in a trash bin, it is going to fill up very quickly. To save space we usually try to compress a can in one why or another, for example with our hand or feet, which actually is pretty dangerous, as you can easily get a bruise or even a cut if trying to compress a can with bare hands. Also, if there are a lots of cans, for example after a party, it wouldn’t be possible to compress all those cans using just your hands or feet.

This is where a tool called aluminum can crusher comes in handy. Can crushers are pretty simple tools, usually made from steel or durable plastic, which are used to make the compression process of aluminum cans more efficient. In other words, applying simple physics, these tools lessen the force needed to compress an aluminum can by couple of times, depending on the design of the tool.

The basic working principle of a manual can crusher is this: insert an empty aluminum can into the opening of a crusher, pull down the leveler with your hand to compress the can, take the piece of compressed aluminum out of the crusher and throw it in the trash. Quick and simple.

Most crushers on the market are manual can crushers, which means that you will need to do the crushing process manually, by pulling down a handle. However, to make the compression process faster and easier, many people have made their own automatic can crushers using pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or electric engines. For some interesting concepts of automatic can crushers, check out this article http://dorecycling.com/automatic-can-crushers/

Another way to categorize can crushers is by maximum can size they can compress. Most tools allow to insert aluminum cans with 12 oz or 16 oz capacity, which are the standard for most soda drinks and beers. Few can crushers allow to compress cans up to 32 oz size and even allow to compress steel food cans, but these units usually are a lot more expensive. The majority of can crusher are wall mountable units, which you can easily install to a wall in your kitchen or garage. However, if you don’t like the idea of drilling holes in a wall of your house, there are some portable can crushers that can be used without need to install them to a specific surface.

Benefits of using a can crusher

Aluminum can crushers are very useful tools either when installed in your house or public places, such as schools. Here are some benefits of using a can crusher.

• Makes recycling faster and easier - The biggest benefit of using a can crusher is that it makes the crushing process a lot more efficient. Whether you use an automatic or manual can crusher, you will be able to compress a lot more cans in much less time, using very little force.

• Helps the environment - What a can crusher does is reminds people to recycle aluminum. Of course a crusher does not directly recycle an aluminum can, but it helps to compress these cans down to almost a 1 inch small pieces of metal, which you can easily store in one trash bag and bring to a recycling facility.

• Helps to save space at home - A can crusher will compress regular 12 oz can down to 1 inch size, which is 4 times smaller than its actual size. This means that you can store 4 times more cans in the same trash bin. For larger 16 and 32 oz aluminum cans this means compressing them down 8 or more times of their actual size.

• Allows to earn money with recycling - You can actually earn money by bringing aluminum cans to a recycling facility. By using a can crusher you decrease the size of cans down multiple times, which allows to stuff more cans into a trash bag, decreasing the number of trips needed to a recycling facility.

• Shows children that recycling can be fun - Can crushers are a great way to introduce children to recycling. These tools are really fun to use and some manufacturers even makes ones in shape of different animals, such as a frog. Help your kids to compress their soda cans and take them to a sorting facility, so your kid can earn some money for helping the environment.

• Can be used by children and old people - Compressing cans with any of these tools takes practically no effort, so they can also be used by children and older people.

Why aluminum cans need to be recycled?

There are plenty of important reasons, why aluminum cans need to be recycled:
1. Recycling a can is cheaper than making one from raw materials;
2. Aluminum material does not wear out, so it can be recycled practically forever;
3. Producing aluminum cans from bauxite ore takes 95% more energy resources than producing them from recycled aluminum;
4. Aluminum from recycled cans is also used in other industries such as transportation, construction, aviation and many others;
5. Aluminum recycling is very important for saving the environment. Aluminum recycling prevents approx. 100 million tons of carbon dioxide releasing in the atmosphere.