DIY Christmas wreath

Get into the Christmas spirit and impress your guests with G's guide to creating a green wreath. The end result looks deceptively sophisticated, but it's easy enough for a child to create.

Christmas wreath

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This simple wreath takes 10 minutes and requires no glue. It can be hung on the front door or inside for a colourful and fragrant Christmas addition. The foliage can be refreshed throughout the season.

- 1 wreath base - try twisting dried vines together or buy a natural wreath base from a craft store
- 1 m coloured recycled fabric ribbons. We got ours from Reverse Garbage.
- 3 handfuls of eucalyptus leaves.
- 1 bunch of dusty miller leaves (Senecio bicolour spp. cineraria) from the florist.
- 1 bunch of Leucopogon berries from the florist or any berries from your garden.
- twine.

Take your wreath base and thread your ribbon through from the bottom to the front. Wrap the ribbon in and out around the wreath and tie the ribbon in a knot at the back, where it will be hidden.

Thread a shorter piece of ribbon through one of the bottom vines and tie a bow, leaving some ribbon to hang down. Cut each end diagonally.

Pick a few handfuls of fresh young eucalyptus leaves (the blossoms look beautiful if you can find them), poke the stems underneath the ribbon and weave into the base. If you don't want too much greenery, it's easy to hide the stems in a few spots around the wreath. The stems shouldn't need to be secured but, if you want to, tie some twine around them.

Select a few dusty miller leaves and the berries and tie them into bunches with the twine, leaving extra twine at each end. Tuck the end of the bunch under the ribbon and tie with the twine at the back.

Now it's ready to hang on your door.

And remember, this is just a guide - get creative and try a wreath using the native plants and flowers growing in your garden or area.