How to make reusable bowl covers

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These washable bowl covers will rid your fridge of cling wrap and keep food fresh time and time again.

bowl covers

Step 1. Use a piece of newspaper to create a pattern for a cover with a circumference of 38 cm. Using your ruler, draw a 38 cm vertical line and a perpendicular 38 cm horizontal line intersecting at the centre point.

bowl cover 2

Step 2. Tie a string to one pencil and place the point of that pencil on the intersection of the lines you drew in step one. Then pull the string taut following one of the lines from the centre point to the end. Tie the string on your second pencil at that point. Holding the centre pencil still, rotate the outside pencil around the four points of your lines, creating a circle. Trim away the excess newspaper outside of the circle, creating your pattern.

bowl cover 3

Step 3. Pin your pattern to the cotton fabric and trim away excess fabric. Next, pin your pattern to the PLU fabric and trim.

bowl cover 4

Step 4. Pin together the cotton fabric and PLU fabric with right sides facing inside (plastic side of PLU fabric is the right side).

bowl cover 5

Step 5. Using a 1 cm seam allowance, sew around your circle leaving a 5 cm gap between beginning and end to allow you to turn the cover right side out. Do this by reaching into the opening and pulling the bottom of the circle through the opening.

bowl cover 6

Step 6. Press the cover and seam with a warm iron, with the cotton fabric side up, to make an even circle ready for top stitching.

bowl cover 7

Step 7. Starting at the end of the opening, top stitch 1 cm in from the edge of the circle, sewing around the cover to the beginning of the opening, without sewing it shut. Back stitch at each end.

bowl cover 8

Step 8. Starting again at the end of the opening, top stitch once more 1 cm in from the first line of stitching, sewing around the complete circle to where you started on the previous top stitch.

bowl covers 9

Step 9. With the 48.5 cm piece of elastic, using an elastic threading tool or a safety pin attached to the end of the elastic, insert the elastic into the opening and thread it through the casing between the two rows of stitching.

bowl covers 10

Step 10. Overlap two ends of the elastic by 2.5 cm and sew to secure the ends.

bowl covers 11

Step 11. Pull the elastic into the casing and top stitch the opening closed.

bowl covers 12

Step 12. Slide the cover over a bowl to distribute the elastic evenly.

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To make a cute cover and help banish cling wrap from your fridge, check you've got all the materials you need below and then follow G's simple steps by clicking through the image gallery on the right.


- 66 cm of cotton fabric 115 cm wide (or four quilting fat quarters)
- 66 cm of PUL polyester knit fabric 153 cm wide
- White cotton thread
- 2 metres of 1 cm braided elastic cut into four lengths; 48.5 cm (XL), 43 cm (L), 38 cm (M), 33 cm (S)
- Medium safety pin or elastic threading tool
- Newspaper (to create your pattern)
- Ruler, two pencils and 63.5 cm of lightweight string

Note: These materials make reusable bowl covers for a set of four nesting bowls; XL 38 cm,
L 32 cm, M 28 cm and S 24 cm. The instructions will take you through the steps to make the
XL cover. Repeat the process for each additional size to complete your set.

Don't sew? You can also purchase these bowl covers for US$25 (approx. AU$28.75) per set of four, at