Greening your gifts

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With consumerism and waste hitting a high note during the festive months, ensure your Christmas is as eco friendly as possible with our tips to greening your gifts.

Christmas boxes

Credit: Louise Lister

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As much as you might be dreaming of a white Christmas, here in Oz it's just not going to happen! So why not make it a green one instead? Here's eight easy tips to green your giving this silly season:

Tip # 1

Buy recycled cards and gift wrap this Christmas, or better still get creative and design your own wrap using brown paper or newspaper and any ribbons lying around from old gifts.

Tip # 2

Use string or clever wrapping techniques instead of tape for your presents. Sticky-tape is carbon-intensive to produce and is non-biodegradable.

Tip # 3

If you are buying gifts, make a point of asking the retailer what they are doing to minimise their impact on the environment.

Tip # 4

Great gifts come in small packages - or even no package at all. There are so many fantastic presents that don't require wrapping. Gift vouchers, movie tickets, experiences and carbon credits are low fuss and easy to buy.

Tip # 5

Avoid wrapping paper made of foil or that is plastic coated as it is very difficult to recycle. Keep your wrapping paper this Christmas and reuse it for next year's presents.

Tip # 6

Keep recycling boxes handy on Christmas day during present-giving so family and friends are encouraged to do the right thing.

Tip # 7

Cut the front off last year's Christmas cards and glue them to new cardboard. It will save paper and money.