Tuvalu's king tides

Last month, the annual King tides hit the pacific island of Tuvalu, and much of the island was flooded with salty water.

The annual King Tide, the highest tide of the year, hits the small Pacific island of Tuvalu with an impact that gets worse each year.

This year’s tide hit on 18 and 19 February, creeping higher than ever before to wash away life-sustaining soils, kill crops and contaminate precious freshwater sources in a time of drought. The drought is forecasted to last for another three months.

Oxfam’s Climate Change Campaign focuses on the human impacts of climate change on Pacific islanders, women and farmers, supporting innovative financial mechanisms for communities, while pushing for action on climate change.

Click through the image gallery below to see images by award-winning photographer Rodney Dekker, who was on the ground for Oxfam Australia when the King Tide hit. View in full screen mode, then click 'show info', to see the captions.

For more background on the King Tide project, and to read updates as the tides reached their highest point, visit www.oxf.am/kingtide.