Meat-free travels

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How to eat good vegetarian meals while travelling.


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The environmental costs of both international travel and eating meat are well known. An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint is to stick to a vegetarian diet, though you’ll find this a lot easier in some places than others…

United States

Renowned eating establishments such as the hippie-style Café Gratitude in San Francisco and the incredible New York eateries Quintessence and Pure Food & Wine offer raw vegetarian dishes that are just as clever and innovative as any Heston Blumenthal creation.

Great Britain

Blame it on mad cow disease or economic struggle, but most places now offer a generous selection of vegetarian fare. Even some of the traditional regional dishes have been restyled for tofu-munchers. Vegetarian black pudding (The V Pud), unveiled at a Lancashire black pudding shop in 2006, quickly became their top seller.


As a predominantly Buddhist nation, Vietnam offers many choices for the discerning vegetarian – including Ho Chi Minh City’s Original Bodhi Tree, one of the restaurants that pioneered meat-free versions of fried chicken, abalone, roast duck and other delicacies, mostly made from soy flour.


In parts of China, vegetarian cuisine is hailed for its miracle cures. The nation also offers more than 100 varieties of tofu, many of which are anything but dull – and some of which stink to high heaven. The notoriously nose-filling cheeses of Europe have nothing on these.


Paris has around 20 vegetarian and vegan restaurants. However, France is justifiably proud of its culinary heritage, so many patisseries and brasseries will usually offer something with fish. Watch out for thon (tuna), a common ingredient in ‘meat-free’ savouries.

The Philippines

The unusual but highly popular cuts of meat (from boiled
ox tongue to pan-fried duck embryos) might prompt even seasoned meat-eaters to go vegetarian, but unless you can live on boiled rice, that won’t be so easy.

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