Five ways to green your weekend

G Magazine

Here's G's five favourite ways to have a greener weekend.


Credit: sxc.hu

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1. Ditch the car
If weekday commutes force you onto the roads, why not opt for car-free weekends? Pushbikes and public transport are alternatives that will save you petrol and cash.

2. Get outside
You needn’t explore untapped wildernesses – even your garden or local park can provide an inspiring change of scene.

3. Don’t go away
Try a weekend break at home! Ditch your usual haunts and discover your city afresh. If you must leave town, choose somewhere close and resist those tacky souvenirs.

4. Try something different
Hunt down that co-op you’ve been meaning to visit, hit the markets or volunteer at your local animal shelter.

5. Slow down
Always grabbing food on the go? Never stop to smell the roses? Use your weekend to enjoy slow living! Take a long walk and appreciate your neighbourhood, or cook up some organic goodies from scratch.