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Here's your basic shopping list for a pure, green clean in the home.

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Get rid of toxic nasties in your home and add these natural cleaning products to your cupboards instead. You’ll be impressed with the versatility and effectiveness of natural cleaners. Best of all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much cheaper going natural is too!

1. White vinegar. Valuable for it’s mild acidity to disinfect and gently neutralise grease, it’s a perfect all-round cleaning agent. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, add fresh herb leaves to hot vinegar to make a multi-purpose solution.

2. Eucalyptus oil. A great disinfectant, antiseptic and even insect repellant. It also removes grease, gum and adhesives, and washes wool beautifully.

3. Borax. A naturally occurring mineral salt, the fine white powder softens water and boosts the effectiveness of soaps. Be careful, as it will act like bleach and can be poisonous if it enters the body – including through broken skin.

4. Lemons. The acidity of lemons means they’re a mild bleach and will cut through grease and soften stains. They also help repel insects.

5. Salt. Use a salty solution near food preparation areas to disinfect and keep bugs away from the kitchen.

6. Bicarb soda. Sodium bicarbonate is a non-poisonous powder that you can use as a stain remover and is perfect as an abrasive polish in the bathroom. Try a small pot in the fridge to remove any unpleasant smells.

7. Olive oil. It’s not only a tasty staple in the kitchen – it’s a protective oil for wooden and leather surfaces. Use equal parts olive oil and vinegar to clean and polish timber and remove scratch marks.

8. Washing soda. Sodium carbonate, also commonly called ‘Lectric soda’, can be used as a diluted liquid solution to remove stains, as a drain-cleaner, and a silver tarnish.