How to: plant from clippings

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Show off your green thumb and get free plants from clippings!


Credit: iStockphoto

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Hibiscus, sage, chamomile, common ivy, geranium, aloe vera, african violets and verbena, among others, are all easy to root from cuttings and will be a breeze if you follow these simple steps:

• From friends’ or neighbours’ gardens, select a healthy, mature plant when it’s at its greenest. With a sharp knife, cut into the plant’s core stem leaving 4-6 stems on your clipping. Wrap it in a moist paper towel to keep it damp until you get home to plant it.

• At home, trim the clipping just below a joint and remove buds or flowers. Fill a small, well-drained pot with composted soil and insert the single, cut end of the clipping into the pot. Water thoroughly. You can apply homemade root starter using willow tree tea to the bottom, bare end of the clipping prior for stubborn plants.

• Keep clippings moist and out of direct sunlight or heat. As it visibly grows, you can gradually transition your plant, first to its intended location in its pot, exposing it to more abrasive conditions. Once stronger and has grown familiar with the conditions of its intended area, it is ready to be transplanted into its position in your garden!