How to: Repair a ripped seam

G Magazine

Five minute-fix in five steps.


Credit: sxc.hu

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Here's G's five simple steps to help you get the most out of your beloved threads:

1. Turn the garment inside out.

2. Tie off the loose threads using a double knot. Tie as closely to the seam as possible as this prevents further unravelling.

3. Start sewing roughly a centimetre from where the seam has opened, just above the existing seam. Sew diagonally toward the old seam line so that when you reach the opening, you are sewing just below the holes left by the old seam (Sewing below the holes will mean the old holes don’t show up on the outside of the garment).

4. Sew in a straight line using small, even stitches, holding the fabric together with pins.

5. Finish by sewing diagonally, tying off above the original seam. This should mirror the side you started on. Knot the thread and cut off 3cm from the knot.

Voilà! Your favourite garment is back in use!