The bride in green

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The big day for many is all about the dress, but what of it the day after? Even more so, why buy new?


A Savvy Brides dress.

Credit: Jessica Ruisan, www.jessicaruisan.com.au

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Reusing a garment saves around 29 kilograms of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Pass on or purchase a pre-loved wedding dress and give something back with your something borrowed.

Here'sa top pick of three of the best websites for a truly-ethical, second-hand wedding dress:

1. www.savvybrides.com.au
Listed dresses all have to meet a strict criteria, ensuring high quality and a catwalk pedigree. If you’re looking to sell, fittings and price negotiations are all dealt with on your behalf.

2. www.idogowns.com.au
Save the miles and search for your dress Australia-wide with I Do Gowns. You can search for dresses by size, designer and seller’s location, if you’d like to tee up a fitting before settling on ‘the one’.

3. www.lovemetwice.com.au
Love Me Twice offers both in house purchasing at their Melbourne store, as well as national and international online sales. Receive notifications as prospective dresses arrive by registering your size and wedding date, and let your dream dress to come to you – without the eco footprint!