5 summer garden jobs to do

G Magazine

Five quick jobs that are important to remember to do in the Aussie garden at the start of the year.


Credit: iStockphoto

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❖ Look out for deficiencies

Magnesium deficiency in plants over summer is common in Australia, tomato plants are particularly susceptible. To treat mottled or yellowing leaves of nutrient hungry plants, place half a teaspoon of Epsom salt in half a litre of water and mix. Spray over the surface of the foliage.

❖ Trim and remove

In order to stimulate continued growth, annual plants, both dead and healthy should be deadheaded by pulling off or cutting with pruners. Healthy heads can be placed in the compost. Weeding regularly should also be top priority to keep garden beds looking neat.

❖ Prepare for the coming months

Late summer is a good time to plant winter flowering bulbs. It is also the perfect time to purchase spring flowering blooms. Store the spring bulbs in a dark, dry and cool location and plant them in the garden when soil temperatures are cool again, post summer.

❖ Prevent fungal diseases

The best way to control the growth of powdery mildew fungus is by preventing it. Avoid watering at night and clear the surrounding area of debris, while loosening mulch can also help.

❖ Feed the garden’s thirst

Plants require lots of water during these hotter months. If you plan on going away, ask a neighbour to water the garden or if you haven’t already got one, consider installing a drip irrigation system with a timer to ensure a well-nourished garden.