5 ways to avoid the winter blues

G Magazine

While the Australian winter might look like a blip on the radar when pitted against the drastically shortened days of colder climates, our Aussie bodies (and minds) aren’t immune to the cold change.


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Practice these five ways to keep a sunny disposition this winter:

1. Brave the cold and head outside for some exercise.

It doesn’t have to be intensive – try even taking a Frisbee down to the park. Studies show walking for just 10 minutes can improve your mood for two hours.

2. Don’t let a less than rosy forecast discourage you from catching up with friends.

While it might be tempting to stay inside during dreary weather, repeatedly opting out of social occasions will only distance you from important support networks.

3. Follow the sun.

Make a point of getting out while the sun is shining, and keep curtains open at home and in the workplace to let in the light.

4. Stick to a fresh food diet.

Fresh, healthy food might more limited than in the summer months, but the lethargy of a cold morning won’t be lifted by a sugar hit, so avoid refined carbs where possible.

5. Keep to eight hours.

The days might be short but it’s important to keep to a routine and follow a healthy sleeping pattern. Get up in the morning to get the morning light and stick to regular hours. Don’t hibernate!