How to: help your business adapt to a carbon price

G Magazine

Today is World Environment Day, and the theme is ‘The green economy – does it include you?’, so G thought we'd provide five top tips for Auzzie businesses to help prepare for 1 July.


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1.Identify high energy use hotspots.

Getting a handle on energy use is your first priority to work out where savings can be made. A professional energy or carbon footprint assessment will include tips where businesses can improve, or do your own audit at www.energysavingscalculator.com.

2.Get more efficient with energy.

Reduce energy in the workplace through changes to lighting and machinery settings, right down to simple actions such as turning off computer monitors. Get staff involved in environmental efforts in the office; AI Group found that 54 per cent of their firms surveyed previously had no staff with environment responsibilities, while over 16 per cent of these companies considered that their employees had the skills to utlilse emerging green technologies.

3.Tap into the carbon reduction market.

In a study by the Economic Intelligence Unit, 27 per cent of businesses said they would focus on creating low carbon products to boost sales. Show initiative through voluntary branding to give your business the market advantage.

4.Reduce transport miles.

Tap into online meetings via Skype instead. Moving your business to a stronger online component will also mean less spending on business supplies and stationery.

5.Get informed.

“Businesses are more likely to achieve the best outcomes from a national carbon price mechanism if they have a solid understanding of the content of the scheme and are able to easily navigate their way around the legislative package that underpins the scheme,” says Carbon Market Institute executive director Mike Tournier.