5 ways to maximise the nutrients in your vegies

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Keeping your cooked vegies full of nutrients.


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For those not swayed by the raw food diet that we featured here, try these tips to keep the important nutrients in your cooked vegies.

1. Get fresh.

The fresher the produce, the more nutrients it contains, and the less lost in the cooking process. Buy the freshest produce possible, and cook your vegies as soon as possible after purchase.

2. Rinse, don’t soak.

The nutrients will leech out into the water, so a quick thorough rinse is the go. If you’re concerned about pesticides there’s no peace of mind like organic.

3. Leave the peel.

Many veggies contain a concentrate of nutrients in their skin which is instantly discarded if peeled. For veggies where it’s an option such as carrots, scrub the skin and leave it on for cooking and eating.

4. Steam.

Whatever cooking method you opt for, the less water you use the better. Invest in a steaming basket, keeping an eye on your veg as it steams to make sure it retains its colour and crunch. Short and sweet is the trick here – the quicker the cooking time, the better.

5. Stir fry.

Another great method of cooking your veggies quickly and crisply and with little water, stir frying will help keep the nutrients where you want them most – in your food.