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Don’t let the winter chill keep you out of your garden haven. Here’s five important garden jobs to do in August and September.


As the soil warms up around the start of September, you can start planting carrot seedlings to harvest in late spring.

Credit: sxc.hu

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- Bindis usually crop up around August ready to attack a few months later, so get on top of these pesky weeds before a bare foot does. Mix two tablespoons of iron sulphate with 4.5 litres of water and spray the bindi-eye as it comes up.

- Ready your garden beds for spring planting with fertiliser and compost. Top up your autumn mulching with an environmentally friendly mulch like sugar cane, newspaper or straw.

- If your citrus has come under fire from the gall wasp, be sure to give it a hard prune before the end of August, removing all the 'galls' (lumps) from the branches to avoid a second attack come summer.

- Plan your spring/summer planting by checking which plants are best suited to your area. Careful choices mean a more productive, water-efficient garden, and if you go native, a habitat for local wildlife.

- As the soil starts to heat up and if you're not expecting frosts, in September you can start planting easy-to-grow carrots again!