Reviews and how-to: Mineral make-up

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A range of some of the wonderful mineral make-up on the market at the moment, and expert advice on how to apply them.


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Top centre, clockwise:

Full of organic vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this nourishing, hydrating liquid is long lasting. INIKA Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation, $65, www.inika.com.au

Achieve a flawless finish without clogging pores or irritating skin. Vegan and not tested on animals. INIKA Mineral Foundation, $59.95, www.inika.com.au

Perfect if you’re after light to medium coverage with a satin finish, the unique recyclable airless dispensers reduce spillage and waste. Adorn Liquid Foundation, $59, www.adornmineralcosmetics.com.au

Ideal for oily skin, minerals and rice starch conceal and absorb oil. Youngblood Pressed Mineral Foundation, $79.95, www.youngbloodmineralcosmetics.com.au

Protect against pollution, UV and free radicals with the soft matte finish of translucent coverage and look natural in any light. Miessence Translucent Foundation, $63.10, www.mionegroup.com

Moist and light, applying these nutrient-rich beads feels like a gorgeous second skin. Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals Foundation, $86, www.janeiredale.com

Created in Australia from 100 per cent pure minerals - no fillers, nanoparticles, bismuth or talc. ECO Minerals Pure Mineral Foundation, Sifter jar $33, refill $29, www.ecominerals.com.au

Even your skin tone with a chemical-free weightless powder with healing organic ingredients. Ere Perez Natural Face Dust, $39.90, www.ereperez.com

Mineral make-up application tips:

Fiona Heslop from Inika Cosmetics shares her top tips for applying mineral make-up.

Loose powder:
Apply with a thick bristled brush. Tap excess powder off the brush before applying. Apply with upward movements over the face. Mineral make-up is all about layers – if you would like a heavier application, repeat the process. Apply slightly more movement to areas that need more coverage (under the eyes or problem spots) Mineral powder is more suited to sensitive skin or skin that suffers from acne or rosacea, than liquid mineral make-up.

Liquid mineral foundation:
Apply with a brush by stroking the foundation onto the skin and then rub into the skin. Alternatively, rub some liquid foundation between your fingers to warm it up and work onto the skin like a moisturiser. Re-do on red spots or eye circles. For thorough flawless coverage, or wearing at night, apply liquid foundation first and then loose powder. If possible, visit a store get colour matched. By doing this, you are ensuring the best possible coverage and colour for your complexion.

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