Getting into the garden

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The weather is warming up, and it’s time to get into the garden. Start planning with these seven jobs to do in October and November.


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- It's that time of the year when your garden is in bloom, so enjoy the show! Once a flowering plant has finished it's performance, prune it back - native plants can be pruned heavily back by one-third of their size.

- It's the perfect time to plant any new potted plants into the garden to have them establish well before the hot summer.

- Apply liquid seaweed fertiliser to your vegetable plants to give a healthy soil boost, then mulch with pea straw or cane mulch.

- If you have a lawn, mow it longer by raising the height of your mower. This will ensure a more drought tolerant lawn, particularly while through summer.

- Take cuttings from healthy flowering plants to propagate in time for Christmas gifts.

- Stay on top of weeds - hand pull them around vegies and fruit trees.

- Stake tomatoes and keep a watchful eye for birds and insects that like to munch on them.