Top tips: Nude food

G Magazine

With Nude Food Day on its way next week on 17 October, here’s top tips on how to nude your food.


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1. Reusable containers
Forget foil and ditch paper and plastic bags for eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable food-grade stainless steel or plastic containers.

2. Refillable drink bottles
Enjoy fresh (and free!) water from the tap.

3. Natural packaging
Bananas, boiled eggs and apples, among others, come in their own biodegradable wrappers.

4. Buy in bulk
Individual yoghurt containers might seem convenient, but you’ll save money and packaging if you transfer snack-size servings from a big tub into reusable containers.

5. Buy fresh and local
Avoid pre-packaged products and support local farmers. Chances are, the nearer your produce has come from, the less packaging it needs.