DIY tin planters

G Magazine

Give new life to one of the most common items in the recycling bin, the tin can, with these pastel painted planters.


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What you’ll need:
- Tin cans
- Steel wool
- Paints (we used Bio Wall Paint sample pots, www.bioproducts.com.au)
- Paintbrush
- Hammer and nail
- Potting mix
- A variety of plants

How to:

1. Remove labels from the cans, along with any glue. Most cans only have one line of glue spots, which can be removed fairly easily by scrubbing with steel wool.

2. Lightly scrub the remainder of the cans with steel wool – this will help the paint adhere to the metal. Wash and dry thoroughly.

3. Paint the cans. Allow them to completely dry between each coat. We painted the cans but left the metal rims at the top and bottom. You may choose to paint the whole cans.

4. Turn cans over once they are dry. Use the hammer and nail to puncture a few holes in the bottom for drainage. If you plan to use the pots inside, use a saucer. Alternatively, you can leave the base unpunctured and add some stones for drainage at the bottom.

5. Turn cans upright and fill them with potting mix and your selection of plants.

G Tip:
If you plan to plant edibles in your cans, choose ones that are labelled BPA-free to avoid chemicals leaching into your food.