Go gadget!

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Get your gadgets with a side of green with some of these new tech toys.

Bamboo speaker

iBamboo speaker, $29, www.ibamboospeaker.com

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse set

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse set, $65, www.envirovalley.com.au

YoGen Mobile Charger

YoGen Mobile Charger, $59.95, www.channelpartners.com.au

Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch from SolarFocus

Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch from SolarFocus, $79.99, www.solarmio.com

Rock-it 2.0 Portable Vibration Speaker

Rock-it 2.0 Portable Vibration Speaker, $49.95, www.todae.com.au

Bedol Water Clock

Bedol Water Clock, $35, www.bedolwhatsnext.com

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Loud & unplugged

We’re all into the easy way to listen to our music, but what about connecting with your tunes responsibly -ecologically, that is. The iBamboo makes this possible by constructing a natural amplifier for your iPhone 4/4S from bamboo. There’s no need for power – your phone is all the power it needs!
$29, www.ibamboospeaker.com

Tap on this

Get your hands on the Bamboo Keyboard & Mouse set made from 100 per cent (yes, even the keys) renewable, biodegradable bamboo for a more eco-friendly way to surf the web. Bamboo grain helps to absorb UV light from your computer screen, and it naturally has properties for antibacterial, antifungal, anti-odour, and antistatic control.
$65, www.envirovalley.com.au

Dynamo in your pocket

Tired of being on the go and noticing your mobile is almost dead? The YoGen Mobile Charger allows you to wind your battery right up with the energy from your own two hands, no matter where you are.
$59.95, www.channelpartners.com.au

Sunny side up

Watch your e-books become invincible with the Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle Touch from SolarFocus. Solar panels on the cover soak up the suns rays, allowing you to read non-stop with its built-in light. The panels also store energy, so you can read for three months without plugging it in.
$79.99, www.solarmio.com

Solid rock

Here is a portable handheld device that instantly transforms any object into a speaker, which is entertaining in itself. By transferring your music into sound waves with the portable Rock-it 2.0 Portable Vibration Speaker, your favourite hits can be neatly projected by vibrations through any solid object around the house.
$49.95, www.todae.com.au

Water power

Now your alarm clock can be powered by H20. Bedol has designed a one-of-a-kind water-powered alarm clock that you only need to fill with water twice a year to keep time moving. The Bedol Water Clock features a daily or hourly alarm and is available in many colours to match your decor.
$35, www.bedolwhatsnext.com

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