How to: Make a terrarium

G Magazine

Perfect as sweet little gifts or a unique way to decorate your home, terrariums are also a great way to reuse any glass jars or containers, wine bottles or even old glass light fittings, that you find around the home.


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Australians spend about $50 billion on presents each year and around $700 million of that ends up as landfill come February. Making your own gifts lets you cherry-pick sustainable materials and there’s something about handmade that sings thoughtfulness. That’s why the City of Sydney’s Green Villages team have created a trio of DIY videos with step-by-step downloadable instructions with a little help from their friends at Etsy.com - the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. The ‘To DIY For’ series shows you how to make this season’s hottest retro returns – a macramé pot holder and terrarium – and how to create fine-looking gifts without the waste by swapping wrapping paper for fabric.

Miniature greenhouses are little easy-to-care-for eco-systems that, in closed containers, are great for growing humidity-loving plants such as ferns and mosses. Open containers on the other hand, are great for succulents and cacti. As an 'ecosystem' in miniature, your terrarium is capable of producing its own moisture so opt for a spray bottle to just lightly dress the leaves occasionally. It's just too easy! See the Green Villages clip on 'How to make your own terrarium' here.

If getting crafty is not for you, then give some thought to what you buy as a gift, where it came from, who made it and how far it travelled.

For more ideas to green up your act this Christmas visit www.greenvillages.com.au.