Sustainable homes for Earth

G Magazine

Looking like something Tolkein’s hobbits would reside in, the quirky Earthship homes are in fact some of the greenest kinds of abodes around.


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Welcome to bizarro world. Looking like a larger version of a house that one of Tolkein’s hobbits would reside in, Earthships are in fact one of the greenest kinds of houses around.

They’re the brainchild of sustainable architect Mike Reynolds, founder of the Earthship Biotecture company. Designed as a type of passive solar house, Earthships are made primarily of natural materials such as rammed-earth combined with recycled materials, tyres, bottles and cans.

Think of all the miles these houses have covered and all the drinks they would have poured! Designed to work with the environment, they’re completely off-the-grid autonomous homes that still have all the benefits of mod-cons.

The idea behind the name is that the houses aren’t just buildings, they’re self-contained homes that are much like planet Earth as a big spaceship moving through space.

The first official Earthship ‘district’ or suburb of 23 Earthships is currently being built in Europe. Look out for upcoming Earthship events in Australia in early 2013 at www.Earthship.com/australia.