Eco-minded family games

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Planning on playing board games or cards with the family this silly season? Send a subtle message with our pick of the three best eco-minded games.


From top left clockwise to bottom: Earthopoly, Bioviva and Living Landscapes.

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A take on the old favourite, this board game takes the focus off money as players win carbon credits instead of cash. Using tokens from nature like bamboo, shells and stones, property values increase by incentives like clean air and recycling instead of development.
$62.95, www.ecotoys.com.au


Travel the world in this game as you’re taken away on a trip of discovery of the incredible story of our planet Earth. Learn about nature and the environment while you try to fathom the most fascinating of phenomena: life!
$62.95, www.flyingpenguin.com.au

Living Landscapes

A set of 52 illustrated cards teaches kids about permaculture and living sustainably by focusing on how every part of a landscape is connected with its surroundings. The game encourages co-operation and players must work together to achieve their goals.
$15.40, www.livingearthgames.com.au

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