The library

Green Lifestyle magazine

We muse on humble, dependable, quiet libraries – the original source of free, shared information.


Credit: Emma Bowen

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While it might be easier to download the latest best-seller to an iPad, is there really anything modern technology can bring us that beats the serenity of strolling among floor-to-ceiling walls of books?

The stalwarts of collaborative consumption, libraries were ahead of their time. Far-be-it from sensibility for everyone to buy the latest works of fiction or a helpful non-fiction tome, only to stack and collect shelves of dust; libraries are the originators of resource sharing.

As technology whizzes and whirls through our day-to-day life, it’s the sweetest thing to take stock and step back into the low-tech life of picking up a novel whose ageing dog-eared paper bears the stories that have been well-appreciated by so many others before you.