Paint the home green

G Magazine

Give your home or business a paint job that will save you money and protect a healthy indoor air environment with a range of ‘green’ paints.


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Green paints are those that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which cause smog when they enter the atmosphere and are bad for your health.

“Zero-VOC paints protect the indoor air quality because they don’t offgas toxic chemicals,” says Daniel Wurm, CEO of the National Institute of Painting and Decorating and head trainer for the GreenPainters Program.

“The cool coating paints save you money on energy bills as they use nano-technology to keep heat out. They also last 40 per cent longer than other paints.”

Wurm recommends eColour, Resene, Bio Paint, Rockcote Ecostyle, and Astec Energy Star’s paints for the environmentally conscious.

“Zero-VOC paints are popular primarily because
no-one likes the smell of new paint in their house or office,” says Daniel.

Visit www.greenpainters.org.au for more information.