Delicious chilled silken tofu

Green Lifestyle magazine

A delicious summer recipe for silken tofu and warrigal greens made with traditional Japanese and Australian ingredients.


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In the 1970s a group of alternatives in Melbourne were more interested in following a macrobiotic way of life. Having travelled to Japan with an interest in learning more about the health benefits of traditional Japanese foods, they returned with age-old tried and tested recipes that were bottled and sold as Spiral Foods. Thirty-five years on, here’s a tasty recipe to make the most of your healthy bottles of goodness, thanks to Hamish Ingham from Bar H in Sydney.

Chilled silken tofu with warrigal greens

Serves 4 as a shared meal
300 g silken tofu cut into 6 slices
2 tbsp Spiral hulled tahini
2 tbsp Spiral organic tamari
2 tbsp Spiral organic brown rice vinegar
3 tbsp Spiral extra virgin olive oil
2 tbsp Spiral organic rice syrup
1 tbsp ginger chopped finely
1 tsp sesame seeds toasted
¼ salted duck egg hard boiled and roughly chopped
¼ preserved duck egg hard boiled and roughly chopped
1 small hot chilli chopped finely
2 tbsp preserved mustard green roughly chopped
1 large handful warrigal greens *
Spiral extra virgin olive oil
Sichuan pepper toasted and ground

Place chilled tofu in a serving bowl. To make the dressing combine tahini, tamari, brown rice vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, rice syrup, water and ginger and whisk to combine. Pour sesame dressing over the chilled tofu, then sprinkle sesame seeds, salted duck egg, preserved duck egg, chilli, and mustard greens.

Blanch the warrigal greens in boiling water for 20 seconds then refresh in iced water, drain well and season with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. Place the warrigal greens on top of the tofu and season with Sichuan pepper.

* Warrigal greens is a leafy groundcover also known as sea spinach, Botany Bay spinach and New Zealand spinach, among other names.