Tips to get outdoors

Green Lifestyle magazine

Our top ten ideas for new things to do in the open air.


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It’s not winter yet folks, and the sun is still shining, so get outside – it’s good for you! Ample research shows that time outdoors improves sleep, breathing, concentration, mood, healing and fitness. If you’re looking for new ideas for things to do in the sun, read on, and take your pick.

- Take photos. Pick up a camera, whether a digital or old film one and get snapping! Spending some quiet time outdoors looking for things to photograph ultimately has you looking at your surroundings in new ways, no matter how common they might be to you.

- Backyard movies. Not all outdoor activities have to be active; we can’t think of a better venue than your own backyard or rooftop for setting up a projector and chowing down on popcorn while watching a David Attenborough doco.

- Roving lunch. We’re not expecting you to become the BMX Bandits, but grab a crew and set up a roving lunch or dinner. Starting at someone’s house for appetisers or entrée, jump on your bikes and ride to the next for your main, before moseying on to the last for sweets and an arvo bevy.

- Go seed bombing. Green-up your ‘hood by throwing some of your favourite seeds encased in fertile soil into bare, abandoned spaces. Check out our instructions for how to make sunflower seed bombs here.

- Dig up the past. Re-live the 80s and try on the old rollerblades for size. Whatever gear you might have hiding in the cupboard, be it a skateboard, cricket set or a worn out set of quoits, dig them up and head to the park!

- Shuffle the cards. Pick an adventure at random from a guide book. We love the ‘Walks in Nature’ cards (www.exploreaustralia.net.au) for Sydney and Melbourne that you can shuffle through to find walks of varying lengths and difficulty.

- Garden in space. Make your own hanging garden haven by tying smaller pots into cradles of twine and hanging them from a strong hook. For a great video on making macramé hanging pots, visit www.greenlifestylemag.com.au.

- Play spotlight. Charge your (solar or wind-up) torches and gear up for this classic night time game with the kids.

- Lend a hand. Volunteer some time with one of our country’s great land and biodiversity associations. Conservation Volunteers (www.conservationvolunteers.com.au), Landcare (www.landcareonline.com.au) and Coastcare (www.coastcare.com.au) all run regular outdoor sessions across Australia.

- Camp at home. We don’t always have the time to head out camping for the whole weekend, but quench the outdoor desire with an overnighter in your own backyard. A small brazier campfire and marshmallows, essential.