Make your own vegetable bags

Green Lifestyle magazine

You've ditched the plastic shopping bags - now complete the plastic-free grocery shop with this set of reusable vegetable bags.


Print on the front of the bags for a flare of style.

Credit: Louise Lister

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What you'll need:
Calico (we reused some old G mag tote bags)
Sewing machine
Iron-on transfers
Inkjet printer
Drawstring cord

How to:
1. For each bag, cut two calico rectangles, 30 cm x 25 cm. Line them up one on top of the other, good sides facing in, and sew along three sides (the two long sides and one short side), leaving a 1 cm edge all the way around. You should have a basic inside-out bag.

2. Leaving it inside out, turn 2.5 cm of the top un-sewn hem down all the way around. Iron this down to ensure it's even and easy to sew. Sew along the hem, leaving a 1-2 cm gap when you get to the end. Turn bag inside out so the correct side is out.

3. Thread 60 cm length of drawstring cord through the top hem. Once through, tie knots at both ends. You should now have a basic calico bag!

4. On the computer, get your vegetable images ready to go on an A4. They should be around half the size of the A4, and you could fit two images to each sheet. We found our illustrations on iStockphoto, a site where you can buy images for a reasonable fee.

5. Print each out onto the iron-on transfer sheets. Cut out each image as close to the edge as possible.

6. Follow the instructions on the transfer paper to iron the images onto the bags.