Top 10 Green Musicians

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John Butler Trio

John Butler Trio

Credit: Marty Philbey

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You'll get no diva backstage demands here. These bands are more likely to ask for water efficient showers and organic food than bottles of champagne and blue M&Ms. G celebrates ten of the greenest musicians around.

  1. Dave Matthews Band

    Long-time eco musos the Dave Matthews Band have donated more than $4 million to charities through their charitable foundation, the Bama Works Fund. They have also contributed to their hometown's free-bikes program and worked with Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream to create One Sweet Whirled, which supports global warming relief.

  2. Jack Johnson

    Singer-songwriter and surfer Jack Johnson is well known for his charitable work - his Kokua Hawaii Foundation supports environmental education in his home state. His tour policies are also green, with backstage requests reportedly including water efficient showers.

  3. KT Tunstall

    Award-winning Scottish singer-songwriter KT Tunstall runs her tour bus on a biodiesel blend, uses an ethical clothing company to make her merchandise and has even renovated her North London unit into an eco-haven.

  4. John Butler Trio

    Fans of the John Butler Trio can buy a 'green' ticket to their concerts - the extra 40 cents will offset the CO2 emissions created travelling to their show.

  5. Willie Nelson

    Country crooner and eight time Grammy winner Willie Nelson has produced his own brand of biodiesel called BioWillie.

  6. Pearl Jam

    The eco-conscious rockers have donated more than US$100,000 to nine different non-profit organisations.

  7. Coldplay

    Poster children for Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign.

  8. Missy Higgins

    In February 2008 she did her US promotional tour in a a hybrid Prius.

  9. Radiohead

    By releasing their latest album as a digital download, the band prevented the manufacture of tens of thousands of CDs.

  10. Sheryl Crow

    She once famously suggested that people should only use one square of toilet paper per bathroom visit. Er… thanks Sheryl.