Plant bare root trees now

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How to settle bare-root trees into your garden now before summer sets in.


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Winter’s the time for planting bare-root trees, allowing them time to settle in before the heat of summer. You’ll find bare-root fruit trees, ornamentals and roses in nurseries or through an organic online service such as Greenpatch Seeds .

They’re the ones with a few stems protruding from plastic bags. This makes them easier and cheaper to transport, which means savings for you. You can order them direct from growers – type ‘buy bare-root trees’ or similar into your Internet search engine for options.

The trees are packaged with moisture inside the bag and its crucial you don’t let them dry out. Plant as soon as you can after purchase. Dig a planting hole one and a half times the size of the root ball and make a mound of soil in the bottom. Put the tree in the hole, spread the roots over the mound and backfill the hole.

There’s a helpful video of the planting process on the Fleming’s Nurseries website. Wes Fleming advises pruning the stems of large bare-rooted trees by 50 per cent before planting so top growth is similar to root size.