Make your own: plastic bottle planters

Green Lifestyle magazine

Don’t throw that used OJ bottle in the recycling bin, instead turn it into one of these cute-as-pie friendly wall planters.

Plastic bottle planters

Credit: Photos by Louise Lister. Styling by Emma Bowen.

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What you’ll need:

- 2 L plastic bottles
- Fine sandpaper
- Stanley knife
- Water-based paints
- Permanent marker
- Potting mix
- Plants
- Screws (optional)

How to:

1. Thoroughly clean the bottle, inside and out. With your sandpaper, rough up the outside of the bottle a little (this ensures the paint adheres to the plastic).

2. Using the Stanley knife, carefully cut a straight edge around the base of the bottle – this will be the top of your planter.

3. Paint your desired design onto the bottles – we made use of the handle to turn it into a face. If doing the same, paint the coloured and white sections only, giving them two coats.

4. Using the permanent marker, detail your design by adding in the eyes, nose, whiskers etc., along with any patterns.

5. If you’d like to attach your planters to the wall, screw through the back with the appropriate hardware, depending on your wall.

6. Line the base with newspaper (we left the lid off ours, for good drainage, however you can also choose to leave the lid on and punch some holes in it).

7. Fill with potting mix, and your chosen plants. We used strawberries, which thrive with good drainage.