Annabel's arancini

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If you’ve made the Saffron Spinach Risotto from the current issue of Green Lifestyle, here’s a delicious leftover makeover recipe for it or any other leftover risotto dish. Annabel's recipe shows that making arancini is easier than you think.


Green Lifestyle's version of Annabel's Arancini.

Credit: Caitlin Howlett


This recipe is an excerpt from Annabel Langbein's new book, Simple Pleasures: The Free Range Cook.

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I really love the idea of something out of nothing – leftovers transformed. And arancini are the epitome of this notion. You take leftover rice, pop some cheese in the middle, roll into balls, coat with crumbs and fry or bake - and the end result is something so so good. You find them in little restaurants throughout northern Italy as a snack food and they are such a great way to use leftover rice – in fact, sometimes I just cook a risotto mix to make them!

Have 2 cups of cold Saffron Spinach Risotto (see the current September/October issue of Green Lifestyle magazine, or my new book, Simple Pleasures: The Free Range Cook) or other risotto, 150g mozzarella, cut into 1½cm cubes, 2 eggs, lightly beaten and 1½ cups panko crumbs or breadcrumbs lined up in separate bowls.

Put 1 tbsp risotto in the palm of one hand, poke a mozzarella cube into the middle, add another ½–1 tbsp risotto on top to enclose and roll into a ball.

Repeat to use all risotto, then dip balls in beaten egg and roll in crumbs until well covered. Chill at least one hour, or up to 12 hours.

To cook, heat about 4cm neutral oil (enough to allow arancini to float slightly) in a heavy-based pot and cook in batches until golden all over and the mozzarella inside has melted.

Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt and serve with my Moroccan Tomato Sauce (see page 106 of Simple Pleasures) or other relish, if desired. Makes 16–20.