DIY upcycled hanging pot

Green Lifestyle magazine

A seldom-used cake mould is the perfect container for upcycling into a hanging pot.


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You’ll need:

A secondhand cake or jelly mould, a black marker, a Drill, some strong twine or rope, some small pebbles, potting mix, a plant of choice and a small metal ‘S’ hook

How to:

1. Mark three points equidistant around the circumference of the cake mould, about 1 cm below the rim. Drill a hole at each point, big enough to fit your twine through.

2. Cut three equal lengths of twine (about 1 metre each) and thread one through each hole. Bring the two ends of each length together, so every hole has a double string of twine.

3. Tie the six loose ends of twine together, leaving a small loop. The distance between pot and knot will depend on your chosen hanging spot.

4. Cover the base of the mould with a layer of pebbles a couple of centimetres deep to create an area where water can drain away from the plant’s roots. Then add potting mix until two-thirds full.

5. Remove your plant from its container, keeping the potting mix on the roots. (We used a succulent, but you could try small edibles such as herbs or strawberries depending on your mould size.) Position it on the potting mix in the mould and fill in around it with more mix. Make sure it’s planted at the same depth in the mould as it was in its previous container. Give the plant a small amount of water.

6. Loop one end of the ‘S’ hook through the loop and use the other to hang your plant. Take care not to overwater your plant as there is no drainage hole. Give small amounts of water regularly.